Tripura CM Revisits His Old Town — Controversy

Tripura CM Revisits His Old Town — Controversy

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb again stoked a controversy when he asked officers not to fear contempt of court, saying he would deal with such cases.

The chief minister said, “the Court may give the order but who will comply with order is police, police is under me”.

The chief minister, while addressing the 26th biennial conference of TCS Officers at Rabindra Bhavan on Saturday said, “I am told by many officers that they cannot perform a particular task because doing so will cause contempt of court. Why fear that? The court will give its judgement, but the police will implement that. The police is under my control. Police has several methods and I am witness to that end.”

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Last week, Deb, who has been targeted by the Trinamool Congress over his election promises, responded to the criticism by calling the TMC “political migrants” who are showing the dream of half a loaf of bread. He said the people of Tripura know how to live with dignity and will not compromise with just half-a-loaf of bread. The TMC has continuously attacked Biplab over unemployment and has started preparing for the 2023 assembly elections.

The chief minister said that the state BJP government has been opening a host of avenues for employment while claiming to bring transparency in hiring for government jobs. Biplab asserted that everyone was getting equal job opportunities without any political influence.

Another contentious issue between the BJP government and TMC is that of teachers’ appointments. The BJP government had come to power on the promise of reinstating 10,323 teachers who lost their jobs after the Supreme Court termed their recruitment process unconstitutional in 2017.

Despite being in power for more than three years, the Biplab government failed to fulfil its election promises. The TMC has been needling the BJP government over the issue.

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