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Negating Rama And Krishna Is Nature Of People Of One Party: UP CM

Lucknow, Sep 18: Negating Rama and Krishna and fleeing to Italy in times of calamity are the nature of the people of a particular party, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday in an apparent dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The chief minister took the dig without naming Gandhi while addressing an enlightened class conference organised by the BJP.

People of one party flee to Italy in the times of calamity. UP helped their family members become prime ministers but they go abroad and criticise the state and the country, said Adityanath. They want everything from Uttar Pradesh but criticising and humiliating its people and making comments on gods and goddess are their tendency. Negating Ram and Krishna is part of their habit. This is what happens if someone is a Hindu by accident, the chief minister said.

Referring to the ‘bulldozer’ jibe by Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav, Adityanath said, There is only one remedy for those who illegally encroach upon the government land and the people’s property bulldozers.” Attacking the Samajwadi Party, the chief minister said “during the previous government, people of eastern Uttar Pradesh used to be submerged in floods and children and citizens used to suffer from encephalitis and dengue. At that time, the people responsible (to manage it) were busy enjoying dances of film personalities in Saifai. I do not understand how people forget the interests of the nation and society. If the country is strong, everyone will be strong together, he said.

In his address, the chief minister termed the country’s interest above all, including one’s personal interests. “Personal desires, method of worship, freedom of faith and religion are secondary before the ‘rashtra dharma.’ You all have to provide the right vision to the society and show the right path, it is for you to decide whether you want a government of riots and mafia or a Ram Rajya in Uttar Pradesh, he said.

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