MP BJP Leader's 'Advice' on Beating Inflation

MP BJP Leader’s ‘Advice’ on Beating Inflation

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are continuing to come up with unusual replies on the issue of high inflation and Katni district head Ramratan Payal is the latest addition.

In a video that has since gone viral, the leader is heard asking those questioning him on inflation to go to Afghanistan.

The video shows local mediapersons ask him about skyrocketing inflation and the leader who is the BJP district head loses cool and says that those hassled with price hike can go to Afghanistan. “The country has Taliban rule and sells petrol at Rs 50 a litre, please go and have a refill,” says a livid Payal.

He hit back asking the reporters have any idea that the country was going into third wave of covid19 and what is the financial position of the country. “You have any idea what the country is going through,” the leader had said.

However, the leaders who was concerned on covid19 third wave wasn’t putting on face mask so as his supporters who also paid no heed in following social distancing during the event.

The said video was shot on the occasion of Independence Day and has been going viral on Thursday.

Last month, BJP leader Brijmohan Agrawal from Chhattishgarh had said that those hassled with inflation should stop eating and stop using petrol if they think price hike was a national calamity.

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Energy minister Pradyumn Singh Tomar speaking to the media in Indore had advised commoners to use bicycle as fuel prices were going up and even claimed that fuel prices are rising as we have stopped using bicycle for domestic chores.

Vaccine and impotence – A personal memoir

A Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet minister Sanjay Pathak who hails from Katni too had made a bizarre remark on Independence Day during a function.

“Get vaccinated immediately if you want to protect the nation, village, city and your families. Don’t be misled as some idiots are saying the vaccination may lead to impotence. I also became tense when some people told me about impotence after vaccination…I checked after 3-4 months but nothing like that happened,” the former minister said sending peals of laughter in the audience.

(Inputs Prabhakar Singh)

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