Meghalaya CM Sangma Says State Will Take 'Legally Sound' Steps On Relocation From Sweepers' Colony

Meghalaya CM Sangma Says State Will Take ‘Legally Sound’ Steps On Relocation From Sweepers’ Colony

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday said whatever steps that the state government will take with regards to relocation of the Sweeper’s Colony from Them Iew Mawlong will be ‘legally sound’. “Whatever steps that we are going to take from now on, all the moves that we are going to make are going to be legally sound. Therefore, whatever decisions or any aspects of any action to be taken by the government will be based on proper documentation,” Sangma told reporters.

The chief minister however stated it is important to understand a few facts here and that it is after three years of detailed homework that the Meghalaya government has decided on the steps that it is going to take.

“It is important for individuals, the leaders from government of Punjab who mentioned that they will also be taken up the matter; they need to also understand that the ownership of the land is with the government in terms of the lease that has been signed with the Syiem of Hima Mylliem,” he said.

“Once that happens, when legal documentation is there, the legal people who are government employees are being asked to go to the government residential places being provided to them. It is not that people are simply going to be left in the streets,” he said.

Sangma added that government employees who have been working with the Shillong municipal board and other departments who are staying in that area will be asked to shift to the official residential complexes of those departments.

He however said it is being made to look as if everybody is going to be thrown out which is not correct.

Sangma asserted that one has to understand first that legal documents and the papers are with the government so therefore, whoever is staying there has to be in the terms of what the government decides.

He further said it is a fact that all the legal employees of the department, they will be asked to shift to the official residences while adding that the urban affairs department has been asked to find an amicable way to ensure those who are not legally settled out there to be shifted or to be put somewhere else or whatever proper way of ensuring that a solution can be reached to.

“So therefore it is not proper to mix all the aspects into one and make it look that it is one issue as there are multiple issues and we will handle each one of them in a very legal manner,” he said.

Reiterating that the government is ready to challenge any stay order on the issue, the Chief Minister said, “We have made it very clear that whatever or whoever moves any status quo or gives any order or anything, we respect the stand that different commissions may have, we will challenge that in the court.

Once we go to high court or higher court, division bench and supreme court, we will take up the matter and we will challenge it as I said we are very clear on the stand of the government and as I said it is an issue that has been pending too long and we need to find a solution to this issue also, may not be the simplest solution but we will work towards finding an amicable solution to this issue also.”

When asked about the alleged interference by many Punjab groups into the affairs of the state, the Chief Minister however said that one cannot stop anybody if they have concerns for their people.

“It is very fair as if our people Khasis or Garos are going to be harassed in another state. Obviously as a state government it is our responsibility and duty to intervene.” Sangma said that while it is not wrong, and it is natural, that other governments show concern, it is clear that whatever the government of Meghalaya will do will be legally sound and will follow legal procedures  required for any kind of step or action to be taken.

According to him, one should not take it in a wrong sense that the government is simply bulldozing but the fact is that a lot of homework has been done in this regard.

“We will now break this into smaller problems and will resolve this one by one and obviously the last part which is most complicated, we have asked the urban affairs department to give us what are the options that they have,” he said.

He further informed that in the meantime, the other procedures of shifting the Shillong Municipal Board office, shifting the government employees who have been allocated spaces, all those aspects can start happening.

“So we will see that the solution will start rolling and we are hopeful that we will soon find a complete solution to this problem,” he added.

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